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3 Tricks for Organizing Your Financial Paperwork

It starts out innocently enough — an ATM receipt here, a bill there. Add in a monthly bank statement and a receipt you need for your business expenses, and before long you’ve got a paper pileup on your kitchen countertop. Have you... Read More

Before You Give: 4 Questions to Ask

The act of giving through your estate plan involves reflection and forethought. It also warrants a conversation. Here are four key questions to ask when considering a legacy gift. 1. How will my gift be used? Why it matters: Your gift might be... Read More

Change the World Without Touching Your Income

Do you want to support Food & Friends, but feel overwhelmed by everyday living costs, such as the latest home repair, the food expenses and escalating gas prices? There’s a solution that doesn’t involve writing a check. You can designate... Read More

Bequest Language

Example bequest language — Please feel free to change the numbers or percentages as you desire. Bequest of cash "I bequeath the sum of $10,000 to Food & Friends located at 219 Riggs Road NE, Washington, DC 20011, Federal Tax ID: 52-1648941"... Read More